View Our Web Cams

Watch your dog while you are away!

Our facility has 4 web cams enabled for you to see your pet at play. We have several more throughout the premises for our staff to vigilantly monitor the happiness and safety of your pet at all times.


1. Download “Amcrest View Pro” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Open Amcrest View Pro and at the welcome screen select “Start”

3. Under select device type, select the “DVR/NVR” button

4. Then select “P2P SETUP”

5. Then scan the QR Code below or select ENTER S/N MANUALLY and copy/paste the following code:

6. Sometimes it will go straight to the camera login screen and sometimes it may go to the Enter S/N screen. If it goes to the Enter S/N screen, verify the serial number matches the serial number in Step 5: and-then select “Next”

7. Once at the camera login screen, enter the following information (CASE SENSITIVE)

Device Name: Customer View

Username: doggy

Password: 1021

8. Once the information is entered select “Start Live View” at the bottom.

9. Once the live view starts, on the walkthrough pop-up’ select “NO” and on the next pop-up, select “OK”

10. Once all the pop-ups are gone, select the (4) camera view in the bottom left hand corner directly above the microphone icon.

11. All camera views can be viewed in fullscreen by double tapping on the camera view.

12. You can go back to the (4) view camera views by selecting the same icon in Step: 10

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